TV and Home Theatre Installation Specialist

0800 Install is the preferred installer for a major New Zealand retail chain and deal with anything from a standard television installation to complex multi zoned home theatre solutions.

In-wall or in-ceiling speakers installed by a professional will give your living or theatre rooms a clean look and provide you with an exceptional home theatre experience.

Utilising the ability to distribute your AV sources (DVD/Blu-ray/Sky etc) means that you can enjoy your favourite viewing from any television in the house and a professionally installed infra red kit allows you to use your remote controls to play/pause the DVD that your watching in the bedroom or change the Sky channel on a decoder that’s in another room.


TV Wall Mounting Solutions

Aside from entertaining you and your family; sometimes, the bigger your TV screen is, the more fun it is to invite your friends over to watch a great movie or have a TV series marathon with them. What better way to enjoy your TV than to have it wall mounted, discreetly hiding any messy cabling connecting your AV equipment.

0800INSTALL have a large range of TV wall mount brackets available, keeping your TV sleek and close to the wall or being able to pull it out and swivel left and right. Whether it be tucked up high in the corner of the bedroom or recessed in the living room above the fireplace, we will endeavour to place your TV exactly where you want it.

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Whole Home installation solutions

You enlist the help of professionals to build your home and complete all electrical work so why should home theatre and audio visual work be any different? No job is too big for the team at 0800INSTALL.

We have been involved in whole home installations from consulting with our clients, liaising with builders and electricians through to the installation of all AV equipment. Having one company take care of your AV systems provides the necessary continuity to ensure that it is done right the first time and that nothing is left off the list.


Operational instruction

Having all of the modern technology in your home is one thing, knowing how to use it is another. Our friendly team will always take the time to give you an in depth tutorial on how to use your system. A detailed guide is filled out on site detailing the ins and outs of navigating your system and we will always try to make ourselves available via phone to clarify any questions that you may have during your day to day use.